Jul 17, 2013

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Facebook Profile vs. Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Profile vs. Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan pageFacebook Profile vs. Facebook Fan Page – Which Should I Use?

It is likely you already have a Facebook profile for personal use. And as long as you do, you could really effortlessly develop a Facebook fan page. When you log into your Facebook account and go to your profile, you’ll see a link there at the very bottom that reads “Create Page”. After you click the link, you get 6 different options. I decided to shoot a quick video for you to follow to make life easier:

A bunch of leaders use their profile just for personal things, and their Facebook fan page for everything business related, however never for personal updates.

Personally I was told to create a new Facebook Personal Profile when I got started in network marketing in order to separate my personal life from my business life, and initially this is what I did – I now have two personal Facebook pages. Then I learnt to have a Facebook Fan Page as there are several advantages in having a fan page over a personal profile, one being that Facebook limits you in the amount of friends you can have. This is what I have been doing up until now myself – I was informed this was the way to do it – to only have business related stuff on your Fan Page.

Facebook Fan Page – 100% Business or Not?

But over time, I have noticed a couple of things. To start with, I came to the understanding that my Facebook friends despite being all business related people are not all followers of my Facebook fan page, and the other way around.

So, this in turn implies that if I keep my fan page to “strictly business”, and on my profile I just post personal updates (which I don’t – remember I have a business related “Personal Page”), I realised that all my fans that are not my friends will never ever get to know the personal side of Leone Marziano! But people join people, not opportunities or companies. And people sign up with people they can associate with and find credible. So, obviously, I sensed a little problem there …

Now, I do not have a split personality, and I’m guessing the same is true for you. So why be all personal on your profile, and then switch over to your “fan page character” to talk only business? To me that’s silly …

The 2nd thing that took place was that I came across an informal survey where Facebook users in the network marketing industry were asked what makes a leader really worth listening to on Facebook. A lot of the individuals specified that they wished to get to understand their personal side, as well. As wonderful as it was to obtain tips and training, if the leader was “all business”, it really made them much less appealing in their eyes.

To me, that makes a lot of sense. This is how I feel, also, regarding the leaders I follow on Facebook. I have noticed that some of the bigger network marketing personalities, such as Michelle Pescosolido constantly share some of their personal life on their fan page and they get huge interaction from doing this.

As a result of these two revelations, I planning on making a slight modification in the type of material and status updates I post on my fan page. Yes, I am still going to lead with value and training, however at the same time I am going to make more of an effort to share my individual ideas or share my own experiences. I want my followers to get an idea of who I am, not simply exactly what I do.

And my Facebook profile? It is actually much the same as my Fan Page anyway, as I find it easy to get sidetracked whenever I log into my profile … I start looking at the information on the newsfeed as to what my friends are up to, then I get swamped with Chat Messages where friends want to speak with me, or, yeah, you suspected it – they begin tossing me on their business … So, too much of a distraction for me.

So if I were starting out today: I would certainly keep my profile for my personal friends and family, not business information, then, for business purposes, I ‘d stringently use a fan page. My friends might after that “like” my fan page, follow my updates, interact with me on my page, and come to be leads, customers and so on in time.

By doing this I can keep my entrepreneurial life and the rest of my life completely different, which I personally think is a good idea.

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